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Safety Rules

Regina Gun Club Safety Rules

  1. Gun actions must be open at all times except when on the firing line.
  2. Guns must not be loaded unless on the firing line.
  3. Shooters may place only one shell in their gun at a time, unless shooting doubles events.
  4. Guns must be pointed toward the trap house at all times while on the firing line.
  5. All shells must be removed from the gun and gun action must be open when changing posts.
  6. Shooters must unload guns when the yellow flag goes up on the trap house.
  7. Only authorized trap house personnel and shooters are permitted on the trap range shooting area.
  8. No handguns or rifles allowed on the range.
  9. Alcohol and drug use prohibited on the firing line.
  10. Management reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone who violates these rules.